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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Alien stories.

Due to my sister's curiosity in things I have written that are similar to hers, I have decided to share some alien stories. (Obviously, that's because she writes alien stories too. Mostly Star Trek.) Anyway, here are three stories in the same fashion as before, written like a news story. Imagine your favorite news caster saying this...

"Ships Found Floating in the Ocean!"
Off the coast of Bermuda the other night, vacationers on a cruise ship reported that they had seen some strange lights in the sky. Upon hearing those reports, the captain of the ship was said to have muttered something about the Bermuda Triangle, and then ordered everyone away from him. In the morning, those same passengers from the night before awoke to see three ancient ships floating off the port bow. They reported this to the captain also, who already knew of their existence. He told passengers that he intended to go and explore the ships. He found them to be very interesting, because there appeared to be nobody on them. After he and a couple crew members boarded the closest ship, the searched it from top to bottom. One crew member noted that the name of the ship was Nina. While the captain thought he remembered that name from somewhere in history, the names of the other two boats were reported to be the Pinta and the Santa Maria. While the captain pondered this, a crew member with him noticed a piece of paper on the deck. He reached down and picked it up, and as he read it, he got a very bewildered look on his face. The Captain noticed, and grabbed the paper from him. It’s reported that the color drained from the captains face as he read out loud these words; "We are from the planet Fropple. We came years ago and grabbed these specimens from your seas. Although we found that your food was tasty, and your people made good pets, we found no good use for the pieces of wood with sails. Being that we were cruising through your part of the galaxy again, we decided to drop them off to you. By the way, the pet who insists on calling himself Christopher Columbus keeps bothering me to ask you to save him, he can’t take it anymore. There, I asked maybe now he will be quiet." With that, the Coast Guard was called in to get the ships, and the President ordered NASA to start planning a rescue for the national hero stuck in space.

"Unplanned Concert in Columbus!"
In Columbus, Ohio, citizens of the city were awakened in the middle of the night to Elvis Presley music. Those who were aothered enough to get out of their beds and look out the window saw a strange sight. They reported seeing a UFO hovering over the city with a huge TV screen in tow. On that screen, was Elvis Presley, singing his music. When the screen changed to show a picture of the audience, they saw many little green men and women shouting and going wild. Some reported to have seen the word "LIVE" printed in the corner of the screen. There were some so fascinated by what they saw, that they forgot all about sleeping, and got their chairs to watch the show, enjoying many classics such as "Blue Suede Shoes" and "You Aint Nothing but a Hound Dog!" After the concert, Mr. Presley was reported to have addressed the people of Earth saying, "Thank you. Thank you very much. I love it here. Mr. Columbus is still crying for his mommy, but I don’t wanna leave. When you come to rescue him, leave me behind."

"Snow in Miami!"
Today the people of Miami had a huge surprise near dawn. When they looked out the windows, they saw snow on the ground. Many people went into the snow, amazed because they had never seen snow, or because snow doesn’t belong in Miami, Florida. At first, meteorologists were very confused trying to understand why there was such a great drop in temperature, and about 6 inches of snow covering Miami. However, those flying airplanes that morning saw what the cause was. A flying saucer was hovering over Miami. The interesting about this flying saucer is that it appeared to have an engine that let off very cold air and, of all things, snow. Scientists quickly became curious what kind of fuel a flying saucer could use that would create cold air and snow. However, when attempts to contact the ship were made, it suddenly sped up and out of the atmosphere. In the meantime, as temperatures quickly went up in Miami, residents made the most of their very first snow day, throwing snow balls and making forts as quickly as they could before it all melted away. One person from the Miami Dolphins football team was quoted by a reporter to have said, "Yea, I’ve seen this before. It looks like Buffalo. OK, I don’t want to talk anymore. Bad memories."


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